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Blonde Wrangler
Our Price: $16.00

Our smoothest organic roast. This single origin Mexican Altura boasts a light body with a clean, refreshing finish.
The heart of the coffee delivers fruit and spice, with a slight hint of cinnamon at the finish. Fabulous mellow roast.
Espresso Standard Organic
Our Price: $16.00

Our organic Central American espresso roast is a true espresso with the perfect crema every time. This blend embodies bright acidity and lively fruit nuances balanced with a creamy, toasty, brown-sugared finish. The perfect beginning to your day or evening compliment to that luscious dessert.

French Roast Organic
Our Price: $16.00

Dark Roasted to perfection, this 100% single origin Guatemalan is lively, clean and fresh. A nutty roast with hints of toffee and a rich chocolate finish. We carefully develop this coffee's unique sugar content to ensure we do not scorch the sugars. We do this by monitoring the caramelization process, by slowly continue cooking the coffee until just the right amount of amino acids are released before air quenching the coffee down to avoid the typical "over roasted" French Roast.

Rockin' Rainbow Roast
Our Price: $16.00

A complex medium roast, this Costa Rican single origin organic has a vanilla aroma, generous body, and a clean crisp finish.
Stout Trout Organic
Our Price: $16.00

Our most popular dark roast and the perfect Italian Roast. This high altitude Central American single origin coffee is also a beautiful espresso. Delivering a sweet aroma with hints of guava and orange peel, this robust coffee has a tangy bittersweet overlay with a rich caramel finish. That's right - yum.
Sumatran Organic
Our Price: $17.00

Exotically lush, sweet and heavy-bodied, born in the mountains of Indonesia, and traditionally one of the most heavily-bodied coffees in the world. We roast our Sumatra medium bold, and it is perfect for those who prefer a smooth finish to the cup with little to no acidity. This Organic Fair Trade selection has a pleasant nutty aroma and possesses a distinctive syrupy exotic flavor.

Tanzanian Peaberry
Our Price: $17.00

Harvested on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, this Organic and world-renowned Tanzanian Peaberry is noted for hints of gingerbread and orange with an effervescent, lively, bright body. Peaberries result when the coffee cherry develops a single round bean rather than the normal two flat-sided oval beans. This occurs in only 2% of coffee cherries. The prized peaberry grade assures that you are getting ready to enjoy a coffee bean of high integrity and a roast of unmatched uniformity.