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Alpine Shadows
Our Price: $16.00

This dark roasted coffee is a beautiful blend of organic, fair trade South American beans. Somewhat nutty with citrus fruit undertones.
This is a low acidity coffee, allowing a very drinkable dark coffee.
Cowboy Coffee
Our Price: $16.00

High altitude Central and South American beans are carefully blended to shape one of our finest medium dark roasts. This coffee stands up very well to grinding from a smooth large grind, to a very fine grind for that bold and sharp taste. Brazilian beans offer a rustic cup character from the natural process, giving the coffee an interesting depth. Combine this with the fine clean notes from the washed Central American, and you have a rich and silky smooth flavor.
Hahn's Peak Organic
Our Price: $17.00

El Salvador, Ethiopian and Indonesian coffees all go into the formation of Hahn's Peak blend. This Organic coffee blend has been a local favorite for 13 years, and continues to be one of our best sellers. We make this with a 3 roast batch process, this ensure we develop each bean to its maximum flavor profile. We then post blend the coffees to ensure blend consistency, so you enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee each and every time!
Mad Creek Rush Organic
Our Price: $16.00

People from all over Northwest Colorado have been enjoying Mad Creek Rush for over a decade. This Organic blend of Central and South American sun-dried beans create the perfect mellow medium roast. A rich chocolate base with a somewhat fruit & nut finish makes this our most popular restaurant blend. Perfect cup, anytime of the day.
Nordic Jumpin' Beans
Our Price: $16.00

Celebrating our Olympic Nordic Skiing heritage, this signature recipe of hand picked beans offers a lighter but full bodied roast. The perfect collection of beans from Brazil, Sumatra, Guatemala, Mexico & Columbia delivers this smooth coffee experience. Our newest roast and fast becoming a locals favorite. A portion of your purchase of this roast helps future Olympic hopefuls with their training costs.
Powder Morning
Our Price: $17.00

Our signature blend of Organic Tanzanian Peaberry and Mexican Altura, these high altitude grown beans deliver a rich medium bodied and sweet coffee. Altura beans bring hints of cherry and dark chocolate, while the Peaberry finishes the experience with a lively flavor and distinguished aroma. Truly a spectacular smooth cup every time. Served daily in many Steamboat restaurants!
Rockin' Rainbow Roast
Our Price: $16.00

A complex medium roast, this Costa Rican single origin organic has a vanilla aroma, generous body, and a clean crisp finish.